Large Parallel Databases

LPD - CP93-6638

Keywords: parallel databases

Start Date: 1 February 94 / Status: finished / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objective is to investigate techniques to support user defined and abstract data types in a highly parallel database machine. Work will include: research on the underlying algorithms which can be used in a parallel databases; the use of functional data modelling and functional languages as a basis for building a high performance database (this work will be applied to geographic information systems); the use of attribute grammars to specify the algorithms used in such database machines; techniques to measure the performance of a database machine. We intend to investigate how a formal description of performance could be constructed, as well as develop specific techniques that could be used to measure the performance of a particular implementation.

The project will enable the transfer of technology between the collaborators, and in particular the exploitation of parallel databases software developed in Sheffield by a number of East European organisations. Similarly, techniques developed by East European partners will be exploited by Western European organisations.

Progress and Results

All the technical objectives of the project have been achieved. The work on the Object Functional Language, proposed as an intermediate functional language supporting the compilation of object queries, has proceeded further with particular application to GISs. Work on the parallel databases concepts has been incorporated into industrial pollution control measurement systems, and some further research enabled a prototype data storage device to be produced, for which a Euro-patent has been granted. Performance measurement techniques have been given industrial interest and work within this project has enabled further research funding to be obtained.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

During the running period of the project, some 15 academic papers were published; more papers have been published since utilising the research results already obtained. (A list of publications can be requested from the coordinator.)

The three project workshops (Paris, Budapest and Smolenice) involved large numbers of researchers presenting results and generating networks which have since proved highly productive.


University of Sheffield
Dept. Computer Science
Mappin Street
UK-Sheffield 510 2TN, UK

EU Partners

University of Sheffield, UK
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
National Transputer Support Centre, UK
Laboratoire Masi, Université de Versailles, F
Telmat, F

Non-EU Partners

Slovak Technical University, SK
Eotvos Lorand University, HU
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, HU
Jozsef Attila University, HU
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BG


Mr. J. Kerridge
Tel: +44 742 82 55 93 / 76 87 40
Fax: +44 742 72 75 63 / 72 75 63

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LPD - CP93-6638, May 1997

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