Novel Heterostructure Devices and Materials Assessment for Communication and Information Technologies


Keywords: photonics communication, semiconductors

Start Date: 1 July1994 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The objective of this project is the development and exploitation of photonic based communication technologies in the Central and Eastern European countries. In particular, the following interrelated specific goals are pursued:

Progress and Results

Outstanding progress has been made on the material characterisation using the different techniques available to the partners. A comparative study involving the use of transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Auger electron microscopy (AES) and the novel low energy scanning electron microscopy (SLEEM) has been completed on acid etched bevels of multilayered semiconductor structures. This is the first ever application of the TEM and SLEEM with AES on such structures.

A conceptually simple and robust transmission matrix model for predicting the photoresponse of photodiodes has been completed and used successfully to design RCE-PI (MQW) N photodiodes fabricated in Bratislava. Moreover, the upgrade of the surface analysis instrument in the STU is almost completed with the addition of a small electrostatic field emission column developed at the UY.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

Results obtained so far have been presented by more than ten publications. A list of publications may be requested from the coordinator.


The University of York,
Department of Electronics
York YO1 5DD, UK

EU Partners

The University of York (UY), UK

Non-EU Partners

Slovak Technical University (STU), Bratislava, SK
Hungarian Academy of Science, Department of Physics, HU
Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Scientific Instruments, CZ
fy-Dattel, Prague, CZ


Dr. M. El Gomati
Tel: +44 19 04 43 23 43
Fax: +44 19 04 43 23 35

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