Decision Support Systems for Statistical Quality Control of Production Processes

Project - CP93-12074

Keywords: decision support, statistical quality control, economic criteria

Start Date: 1 February 94 / Status: finished / Duration: 36 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The purpose of the project is to provide improved decision support systems in the field of industrial quality control. This will be achieved by incorporating recent research results in the area of statistical quality control (SQC), which focus on ensuring a high quality level of production; and by designing the system to take account of the knowledge and practice of industrial users. Three subsystems will be developed:

Progress and Results

The theoretical description of the planned decision support system and the study of the non-standard procedures that will be included in the library of methods available to the system have been completed in the first phase of the project. The second phase of the project will deal with the development of a prototype that can easily be extended with additional parts with respect to objectives, objects and methods.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

A list of the technical reports that have been produced within the project until now may be requested from the coordinator.


Universität Würzburg
Institute of Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Sanderring 2
D-97070 Würzburg, D

EU Partners

Universität Würzburg, D
University of Ulm, D

Non-EU Partners

Systems Research Institute, PL
Technical University of Wroclaw, PL


Prof. Dr. Elart von Collani
Tel: +49 931 319 69
Fax: +49 931 151 23

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Project - CP93-12074, May 1997

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