Function Blocks in Real Time Integrated Communication in CIM

FUNCIM - CP93-1021

Keywords: CIM, fieldbus technology, function blocks, universal terminals, real time communication

Start Date: 1 June 1994 / Status: finished / Duration: 18 months

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Objectivies and Approach

Fieldbus technology is a major strategic technology for real time communication in Industrial Control & Manufacturing enterprises. The IEC standard is making good progress and several field trials have taken place for parts of the emerging standard. The Fieldbus Foundation is also actively promoting progress and cooperation with the IEC. The FUNCIM project will support and assist the Fieldbus standardisation programme in two areas:

Results of this work will be reported in the main Fieldbus standards committees to accelerate production and acceptance of a good Fieldbus standard supporting the CIM markets.

Progress and Results

In 1995, the project team demonstrated several function blocks in a host PC environment and an operator interface structure for the universal terminal in order to evidence the functionality in linking, parametrisation and scheduling of function blocks through the configurator as well as the function blocks operability in control.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

During its duration, the project teams were in constant contact with the standarisation committees.

The function blocks under development and the configurator were demonstrated at the meetings of IEC 65C WG6/ISA SP50 in London and in Orlando. The complete demonstration was staged as part of the final project review on the premises of the company PACS Southampton in November 1995. The partners have presented their results at many conferences and in publications.

The project partners are currently engaged in developing prototype instruments based on function blocks for a client in the USA.


APAX Computers Limited
10 Chartfield Road
UK - RH2 7JZ, UK

EU Partners

APAX Computers Limited, UK

Non-EU Partners

Isomatic Laboratory, BG,


Mr. Milos Machacek
Tel: +44 1737 241 918
Fax: +44 1737 241 918

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FUNCIM - CP93-1021, May 1997

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