Dynamic Control of Robotic Manipulators - Mechatronics Approach

Project - CP93-10119

Keywords: dynamic controllers, robotic manipulators, control strategies, mechatronics, design methodology

Start Date: 1 April 94 / Status: finished / Duration: 24 months

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Objectivies and Approach

The project focuses on novel design methodologies related to the recently introduced field of applied research in mechatronics. Special emphasis is put on robotic systems. The new design methodology encompasses all design phases of dynamic controllers of robotic systems, e.g., modelling, development of control strategies, prototyping and experimental validation.

The mechatronics approach to the overall design requires a new, integrated and interdisciplinary approach in which mechanical, electronic, software and control aspects are treated in a complementary way. This makes the modelling stage of the design of mechatronics systems particularly important. The modelling software and hardware have to support different descriptions, standards and views. On the other hand, computer aids have provided some integration tools that enable the designer to simulate, verify and validate his design concepts, treating the mechatronics system as a whole composition of heterogeneous components.

Progress and Results

The main achievements include: a newly formulated and tested methodology for, but not limited to, mechatronics design; new software tools for mechatronics design; and innovative solutions of mechatronics devices, that is compliant actuators, or neural based controllers for robotics applications. The newly formulated methodology for mechatronics design is currently tested and validated in numerous case studies.

Information Dissemination Activities and/or Exploitation

Each task of the project brought new ideas in the field of mechatronics design, modelling, simulation and prototyping, which were made public. Results of the work have been documented in 49 technical reports and presentations at conferences. (A list of publications can be requested from the coordinator.)

During the project realisation, the necessity to use standards in the software tools employed became apparent in order to accomplish particular tasks of the project. Some standards for Simulink modelling have been set by the Mechatronic BlockSet regarding input/output, variable granularity, etc. Their impact will be shown at the conferences CACSD'96 and SYSID'97.


Technical University of Denmark
Department of Automation
Building 326-327
DK-2800 Lyngby, DK

EU Partners

Technical University of Denmark, DK
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées
Laboratoire d'Automatique Industrielle, F

Non-EU Partners

University of Mining and Metallurgy
Robotics and Machine Dynamics Group, Krakow, PL


Prof. Ole Ravn
Tel: +45 45 25 35 60
Fax: +45 45 88 12 95
E-mail: or@iau.dtu.dk

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Project - CP93-10119, May 1997

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