Transfer of Project Results to SMEs in the Neue Bundesländer

IMPROVE - 9500

Keywords technology transfer, SMEs, Germany

Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 24 months

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The main objective of this special action is to enhance technology transfer and development from existing ESPRIT projects and contractors to small and medium-sized enterprises in the Neue Bundesländer of Germany. Under the coordination of the main contractor, some 77 associated contractors work together in 26 individual projects, with each typically involving two to four partners.

Sixteen CIME projects are involved, covering nearly the complete range of CIM. For example, there are some projects working on the adaptation of the IDEAL CIM Toolbox, and others developing a computer-aided offering for one-of-a-kind production with reference to process and product modelling in the shipbuilding industry, on the basis of CIMDATA (5416) and MUSYK (6391).

In addition to the above examples, other CIME work areas covered include:


Mr F Diessner
Deutsche Forschungsanstalt für
Luft- und Raumfahrt eV
Linder Höhe
D - 51147 Köln
tel: + 49 / 2203 601 3461
fax: + 49 / 2203 601 3017
telex: 88100 DLR D


DLR - D - C
plus 77 associated partners - D - A

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IMPROVE - 9500, December 1993

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