Network in Microelectronic System Integration Technologies: Packaging

NETPACK - 9272

Keywords packaging, interconnection, system integration, technology transfer

Start Date: 01-NOV-93 / Duration: 24 months

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Objectives and Approach

The objective of NETPACK is to coordinate the available skills and expertise throughout Europe in the area of packaging and interconnection. The network aims to help European industry to meet the challenges of the world packaging market. To achieve this goal, it will give strategic guidance for future work, initiate multi disciplinary cooperation between companies and institutes, stimulate the exchange of software and hardware tools, and to define adequate education programs.

In Europe, packaging and application expertise is distributed amongst a high number of large and medium-sized companies. Small and medium-sized companies are not able to establish complete packaging processes and master the large variety of technologies required. For these reasons there is a pressing need to establish efficient cooperation between semiconductor manufacturers, design houses, packaging industry and application-oriented companies in the field of microelectronics. A cost-effective procedure for the production of single-chip packages and multi-chip module packaging is a basic requirement for the companies.

The tasks of the proposed network are to:

Membership of the network is open to all European companies and laboratories able to contribute proven expertise in areas forming the basis of system integration and packaging, for example: expertise in simulation, design, characterisation techniques for materials, structures and interconnections technologies.


Gustav Meyer Allee 25
D - 13355 BERLIN
tel: + 49/ 89-636-3354
fax: + 49/ 89-636-41288


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NETPACK - 9272, December 1993

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