Secure Operating System Card

SOSCARD - 9259

Keywords smart cards, encryption/decryption

Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 30 months

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This project brings together the state-of-the-art cryptographic methods with the latest RISC processor design techniques to design a very low cost Smart Card which fully supports a standards Smart Card operating systems (the emerging ISO 7816 part 4) and high security data encryption/decryption. The design will have the following objectives:

The design approach is to optimise the response of a smart card to standard interface transactions, such as data transfer and specially encrypted operations. These requests are to be supported at the most basic level - the instruction set level - by a command set for which the silicon response and area are optimised. To achieve this, the project aims to specify, design and implement a Crypto Reduced Instruction Set Processor (CRISP), which integrates the crypto logic unit into the RISC design.

The project aims to specify a smart card operating system of the highest functionality, from which will be defined the binary interface of commands necessary to support it. this binary interface will provide requirements for the CRISP instruction set.

A radical new concept for smart cards is chosen with the use of a flash EPROM or FRAM to allow the card to be configured at the time of issue to conform to any Smart Card system standards protocol. Close linkage will be formed with the CAFE project to tie up with protocols being defined and a pilot application will implement these on the SOSCARD.

The project will pursue the following tasks:

Further information about SOSCARD is available from the SOSCARD home page.


Mr William ORME
8-9 Bridge Street
tel: + 44 / 223-462220
fax: + 44 / 223-301096


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SOSCARD - 9259, December 1993

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