Helping Europe Revitalise Manufacturing: an Educational Strategy

HERMES - 9158

Keywords technology transfer

Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 12 months

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HERMES is a working group designed to be the backbone of an ambitious set of actions geared towards optimising the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and expertise in the field of CIME across Europe. Through raising awareness of the benefits of applying CIME technologies in industry, it is expected that the working group will make a significant contribution towards accelerating the uptake of CIME solutions.

The objectives of the working group are to:


Dr Henk Bolk
Intervisie BV
Schipholweg 88
NL - 2316 XD Leiden
tel: + 31 / 71 220 441
fax: + 31 / 71 227 235



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HERMES - 9158, December 1993

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