Support for Effective Software Evolution in European Banks


Keywords software tools, software evolution, packaged methodologies, banking software

Start Date: 01-JAN-94 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectives and Approach

EUROBANQUET addresses a critical problem which European banks are facing today: the effective evolution of their software systems in order to conform to national and EU standards and directives. This problem is critical for European banking organisations due to the rapid growth of the industry and the necessity for harmonisation of banking practices so that the requirements of the effective evolution of software systems in use by European banks, in alignment with the evolution of national and EC policies and directives.

The EUROBANQUET project tackles the above problems by proposing a tool-based approach which continuously monitors of the conformance of software to the changing requirements and standards and which support the automated evolution of software systems with the purpose of maximised effectiveness in their use. In order to achieve this overall objective, the project aims to develop:

The project aims to develop a cohesive methodology supported by specific software toolsets. The proposed toolsets which will form an integral part of the methodology package will also have use on a standalone basis.

The EUROBANQUET methodology will be a complete methodology for specifying, designing, assessing, planning and budgeting software evolution projects. It will cover all phases of the software life-cycle and will consist of an integrated environment assisting conformance of the operation of banking software consistent with the underlying banking legislation. It will provide an efficient and cost-effective way of updating software systems in line with new legislation, offering a competitive advantage to the bank. It is a modular, tool supported approach to software evolution, starting from business requirements and ending with a detailed description of the required changes of the software systems.


The primary target group for the exploitation of the project's results are the European banking and financial organisations. Exploitation will consist in either tool sales or the provision of consultancy and training services to such departments.

Another major target group consists of consulting firms specialising in the support of IT and organisation departments of banks. Exploitation of the project's results to this group will consist in licensing the EUROBANQUET methodology and the provision of support (including training) to such firms for providing consultancy services. Other target groups to be addressed include the IT department in public administration bodies and industrial concerns operating software intensive systems. Exploitation will again consist of either tool sales or provision of consultancy services to the appropriate departments.

Further information about EUROBANQUET is available from the EUROBANQUET home page <URL:>.


Dr Y. Kliafas
16 Kanari Street
GR - ATHENS 14563
tel: + 30/1-8084442
fax: + 30/1-8084439


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EUROBANQUET - 9130, December 1993

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