Parallel Applications in a Distributed Environment


Keywords clusters of workstations, high-performance computers, network tools, parallel environment

Start Date: 01 January 1994 / Duration: 30 months / Status: ongoing

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tools to allow groups of conventional computers connected by a fast local area network to act as a parallel high-performance platform

Objectives and Approach

A typical target for the project would be a cluster of large PCs or UNIX workstations, including symmetric multiprocessing systems, or even a heterogeneous mixture of both.

PARADISE will deliver the following software components:

Each component will have a specification, an implementation, a test harness, and user documentation. Initial prototype versions will precede the final, definitive version.

Two real applications will be ported to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tools developed:

INDIA is a fluid-structure finite element code developed by CISE and used by ENEL, the Italian Electricity company, for seismic analysis of dams.

The second application is a system to analyse two-phase flow combustion problems, developed by CERFACS in France.


Jack Lang
Perihelion Software Ltd.
The Maltings
Charlton Road
UK-Shepton Mallet BA4 5QE
tel: +44 749 344 203
fax: +44 749 344 997


Perihelion Software Ltd. [UK]
Cerfacs [F]
Associate Partners

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PARADISE - 9113, December 1993

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