SIMD-MIMD Processor Architectures Applied to Image Processing

SM-IMP - 8849

Work Area: Basic Aspects of Multiple Computing Agents

Keywords computer architectures, parallel processing, VLSI design, transputers, image processing and image coding

Start Date: to be announced / Status: starting

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Abstract SM-IMP aims to explore a fusion of the SIMD and the MIMD paradigm from the application viewpoint (image processing and image coding), the programming viewpoint (parallel programming models) as well as from the technology viewpoint (VLSI/ULSI).


The consortium aims to explore the fusion of the massively parallel SIMD paradigm and the MIMD paradigm. The project is expected to result in : the specification of an architecture; a simulator for the proposed architecture; system implementation specifications which are close to optimum for a specified selection of applications; and, if feasible within the time-frame of the project, breadboard hardware of main system parts.

Approach and Methods

SM-IMP will:


The results of the project can be exploited both by the scientific community and by industry. It is explected that many parts of the architecture, breadboard hardware and possibly realised VLSI implementations can later be used as stand alone parallel processor building blocks or as peripheral chips to MIMD processors like the transputer series. At least one of the partners is able to pursuit the marketing of the result.


Technische Universiteit Delft - NL
Faculty of Applied Physics, F1/PH
Lorentzweg 1


Parsytec Industry Systemen GmbH - D
Thomson-CSF, LER - F
Università di Genova, DIST - I
University College London, PhandA - UK

tel +31/15 783763 or +31/15 781416
fax +31/15 626740

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SM-IMP - 8849, August 1994

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