Vision Computing for Tracking and Object Recognition in Open Areas


Keywords embedded systems, traffic analysis, vision systems

Start Date: not yet known / Duration: 36 months / Status: contract not yet signed

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a monitoring system targeted at multi-lane motorways, using image sensors

Objectives and Approach

The demonstrator to be developed requires the monitoring of scenes where objects move with considerable speed, and the transmission of both statistical and visual information over narrow-band channels.

A central control station will process incoming data from several local stations for operator display and for intelligent decision support. Local stations will be required to work under varied conditions of lighting and weather, and the cameras may have to be located in non-optimal viewpoints.


Jesus Tardón
Eliop SA
Avda. de Manoteras s/n
E-28050 MADRID
tel: +34 1.302.3940
fax: +34 1.302.9249


Eliop SA [E]
Robert Bosch GmbH [D]
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid [E]
Aucalsa [E]
Bundesanstalt für Strassenwesen [D]

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VICTORIA - 8819, December 1993

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