Database Integrated Servers Using Constraints

DISCO - 8804

Keywords databases, parallel database servers

Start Date: 08 December 1993 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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a parallel database server with enhanced speed and functionality

Objectives and Approach

Specific problems that will be attacked by the project are:

The software will be portable so that it is not dependent on any particular hardware platform.


Edward Babb
White Cross Advanced Products Ltd.
Waterside Park 3a
UK-Bracknell RG12 IRB
tel: +44 344 300770
fax: +44 344 301424


White Cross Advanced Products Ltd. [UK]
Eys Consulting s.a. [E]
Associate Partners
Weatherbys [UK]
Consorci Hospitalari de Catalunya s.a. [E]

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DISCO - 8804, December 1993

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