Chip Architecture for Smart Cards and Portable Intelligent Devices

CASCADE - 8670

Keywords smart cards, portable device applications

Start Date: DEC-93 / Duration: 30 month

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The CASCADE project aims to produce a platform for a new generation of integrated chips for portable electronic devices. The objectives are to enhance the architecture of the existing microprocessors used for chipcards and other portable intelligent devices to provide a new generation of chips for electronic consumer products. It targets the market for "portable intelligence", especially for smart cards, interactive badges and secured portable intelligent devices such as PCMCIA cards. This new chip could be used in other domains such as telecommunications and mobile applications.

The new architecture provided by CASCADE will have to adapt existing technology to the changing requirements of the market by:

The CASCADE platform will include:

The architecture will provide specific on-chip features required in portable devices, including:

CASCADE will provide demonstrators at different stages to prove the feasibility of the concept and demonstrate the innovative features of the technology developed in the project.

Conformity with European standards will be evaluated during the project. Existing and emerging standards (such as ANDF, VBI, VHDL) will be employed whenever possible.

An exploitation plan for the CASCADE project's results will be elaborated in the initial phase and updated and completed at the end of the project.

Further information about CASCADE is available from the CASCADE home page.


Mr Marc Lassus
Ave. Pic de Bertagne
F - 13881 Gemnos
tel: + 33 / 42-325-000
fax: + 33 / 325-044


UCL - B - P
DDL - UK - P
NCS - UK - P
USTL - F - P
ARM - UK - P

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CASCADE - 8670, December 1993

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