Processing on a Nanometre Scale

PRONANO - 8523

Work Area: Ultimate Miniaturisation

Keywords scanning tunnelling microscopy, novel scanning probe microscopies, single electron electronics, e-beam lithography, nano-optics, high-density information storage

Start Date: to be announced / Status: starting

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Abstract PRONANO aims to achieve processing and validation on the nanometre scale by using novel scanning probe microscopy techniques to manipulate molecules and clusters on surfaces. The nanostrutures obtained are expected to exhibit novel properties including single electron effects at ambient temperature.


The aims of PRONANO are to explore novel concepts for fabrication in the range from 10 nm down to the scale at single atoms or molecules, and to investigate the electronic and optical properties of the newly fabricated nanostructures.

Approach and Methods

The basis of PRONANO is a unique electron beam facility and novel scanning probe microscopes combined with electromagnetic radiation fields, which shall be used to develop precisely defined protocols for reversible or irreversible manipulations of Nanometre-sized objects, including organic molecules, fullerenes and clusters on solid substrates.


A better scientific understanding of the processes underlying electron beam lithography shall lead to an improvement of its resolution. Precisely defined nanometre-sized structures are expected to exhibit new electronic and optical phenomena, including single electron effects at ambient temperatures. They may also become relevant for high density information storage.


Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz - D
Institut für Physikalische Chemie
Jakob-Welder-Weg 11
D- 55099 MAINZ


IBM Zürich Research Laboratory - CH
University of Copenhagen CISMI - DK
University of Cambridge Engineering Department - UK


Prof. J.P. Rabe
tel +49-6131-39 4212
fax +49-6131-39 3768

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PRONANO - 8523, August 1994

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