Parallel Archiving and Communication System

PARCS - 8517

Keywords image archiving, image processing, medical imaging, visualisation

Start Date: not yet known / Duration: 24 months / Status: contract not yet signed

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medical image archiving and retrieval for a radiological department of a hospital

Objectives and Approach

The objectives of the project are:

PARCS is based on integrating results from a set of existing prototypes and products

The resulting PAC/RIS system will offer some outstanding feature:

Further information about PARCS is available from the PARCS home page <URL:>.


Francesco Graziani
Gisettanta S.p.A.
Via Burlamacchi 4
I-20135 Milano
tel: +39 2 550231
fax: +39 2 55023281


Gisettanta S.p.A. [I]
Intrasoft [GR]
Parsytec GmbH [D]
Sago [I]
Associate Partner
University. of Pisa [I]

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PARCS - 8517, December 1993

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