A Software Factory for the Development of Parallel Applications

SOFTPAR - 8451

Keywords object-oriented design, parallel applications, software factory

Start Date: not yet known / Duration: 24 months / Status: contract not yet signed

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environment for supporting all life-cycle stages in the design, production, test and maintenance of parallel application code

Objectives and Approach

The project aims at providing parallel application developers with a complete software factory supporting all life-cycle activities.

It will define translation patterns from design with the HOOD (Hierarchical Object Oriented Design) method to the C++ programming language. This approach provides a designer with the means to express potential execution distribution at design level, within an additional activity in the design phase. This high level information is then translated into parallel code for execution on an actual parallel machine with the appropriate runtime support.

The project will rely on CONCERTO, an existing software factory which includes a set of tools supporting the HOOD design method and which offers a proven technology to build code generators. The target language will be C++ with special adds-ons to express parallel computation. The target machine will be the VOLVOX parallel computer based on transputers and supporting the CHORUS operating system.

Validation and assessment of the results will be carried out through effective design and code translation for selected pilot applications.

Two products will be the final outputs of the project: a C++ environment for parallel computers and a complete software environment, based on CONCERTO, adapted for the development of parallel applications.

Further information about SOFTPAR is available from the SOFTPAR home page <URL:http://www.parsytec.de/project/softpar.html>.


G. Cohen
Sema Group SA
Barbes 16
F-92126 Montrouge
tel: +33 1 40 92 40 23
fax: +33 1 47 35 75 56


Sema Group SA [F]
Archipel SA [F]
Dornier GmbH [D]
Electricidade de Portugal SA (EDP) [P]

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SOFTPAR - 8451, December 1993

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