European Porting Project No. 1

EUROPORT-1 - 8421

Keywords benchmarking, industrial application, joint information dissemination, parallel computing market

Start Date: 01 January 1994 / Duration: 26 months / Status: ongoing

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parallel high-performance platforms for industrial computational fluid dynamics and computational material dynamics applications

Objectives and Approach

The primary objective of both the EUROPORT-1 (8421) and EUROPORT-2 (8586) projects is to build confidence and generate awareness in the effectiveness of parallel high-performance computing (HPC) platforms by demonstrating their industrial potential. In this context, EUROPORT-1 focuses on the areas of:

Ports of various application codes onto parallel architectures will be carried out so that the resulting parallel codes are:

Achievement of these objectives will be measured by means of an extensive benchmarking process for all codes and by means of the results dissemination and exploitation process.

In order to optimise the impact of these porting activities, the individual ports are clustered into one project with a global independent management and service component.

The consortium is led by one single contractor, the global manager. The associate partners are grouped according to porting work area, each of which focuses on one or more application codes.

A particular task of the global management is joint information dissemination which distributes the (non-confidential) results of this activity as widely as possible. Special actions are taken to reach engineers within industry who can directly benefit from parallel computation in CMD or CFD in their application areas.

Services provided by the global management include:

The porting activities are organised into the following work areas (PWAs).


This PWA is concerned with the port of two important fluid dynamics in-house codes (CEL3GR, SAUNA) that are mostly used for simulation in the aerospace industry. The parallelised codes will be validated and evaluated for several 3D configurations, e.g., wing-body combinations. There will be Euler as well as Navier-Stokes computations.

Partners and Roles


This PWA is concerned with the port of the commercial fluid dynamics package N3S for the solution of compressible and incompressible fluid-flow equations. End-users will validate and evaluate the results through application specific industrial test cases.

Partners and Roles


This PWA is concerned with the port of a Navier-Stokes aerodynamic program (NSMB). Porting will be to five different parallel architectures including workstation clusters (on a portable basis). There will be a number of industrial demonstrators, ranging from simple benchmarks to complete aircraft configurations.

Partners and Roles


This PWA is concerned with the port of the commercial POLYFLOW code, which is used to simulate processes in which flows of viscous liquids play a dominant role. Heterogeneous workstation networks are the primary group of target architectures. An end-user will evaluate the results by running scalable and realistic test cases.

Partners and Roles


This PWA is concerned with the port of the SAMCEF finite element package. The code has a large industrial user base. The parallelised code will be validated and evaluated with a variety of data from the aero engine industry. The aim is to solve large problems with up to 10{6} - 10{7} degrees of freedom.

Partners and Roles

Further information about EUROPORT-1 is available from the EUROPORT home page <URL:>.


Clemens-August Thole
Europort-1 Management Group
Schloss Birlinghoven
Postfach 1316
D-53731 Sankt Augustin
tel: +49 2241 14 2330
fax: +49 2241 14 2460


Associate Partners
Aérospatiale [F]
Aircraft Research Association Ltd. [UK]
Bureau Veritas [F]
CEMEF Ecole des Mines [F]
Centre of Logistics and Expert Systems GmbH [D]
Centro Ricerche Fiat [I]
Cerfacs [F]
Computational Dynamics Ltd [UK]
Debis Systemhaus CCS GmbH Region Sudwest [D]
Ford Motor Company Ltd [UK]
Genias Software GmbH [D]
ICI Chemicals & Polymers Ltd [UK]
Inptenseeiht [F]
Institut des Machines Hydrauliques et de Mécanique des Fluides [CH]
Institut Français du Pétrole [F]
Intel GmbH [D]
Intes [D]
Kungl Tekniska Hogskolan [S]
MacNeal Schwendler GmbH [D]
Mercedes Benz [D]
PAC (Southampton) [UK]
Pallas GmbH [D]
Parallel Systems Scandinavia [S]
Parsys Ltd. [UK]
Polyflow S.A. [B]
Regionales Rechenzentrum Universität Stuttgart [D]
Rolls Royce [UK]
Saab Military Aircraft [S]
Samtech [B]
Simulog [F]
Solvay [B]
Transvalor [F]
Université Catholique de Louvain [B]
Université de Liège [B]
University of Greenwich [UK]
University of Liverpool [UK]
Von Karman Institute [B]

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EUROPORT-1 - 8421, December 1993

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