Application Driven Architecture

AIDA - 8341

Keywords high-performance computers, relational database management system, scalability, simulation

Start Date: not yet known / Duration: 30 months / Status: contract not yet signed

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a high-performance, easy to use, low-cost multiprocessor system

Objectives and Approach

A sustained performance in the order of 1 Gigaflop on a wide spectrum of industrial numerical codes is expected to be achieved by combining a standard hardware technology with state of the art software techniques to allow construction of systems with very high performance/cost ratio. The key issue for this project is to use the characteristics of industrial application codes, viewing current software technology as a given, and to build an integrated architecture around it.

The Oracle RDBMS will be ported to the machine and will be used to demonstrate scalable use of the disk I/O and memory locking facilities, at a target rate of transactions per second per processor in excess of 100.

Some effort will be spent on porting numerical simulation codes from the aerospace industry.

The development of the system will be carried out in an industrial framework in a single location with partners gathering all the required manpower at this location.


William Jalby
1 Allée des Boeures
F-78124 Mareil sur Mauldre
tel: +33 1 30 90 89 25


Meiko [UK]
Parsys [UK]
Telmat [F]
Associate Partners
Onera [F]

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AIDA - 8341, December 1993

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