Clusters of Embedded Parallel Time Critical Applications


Keywords embedded systems, image processing robotics, intelligent navigation, parallel real-time applications

Start Date: not yet known / Duration: 24 months / Status: contract not yet signed

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identification of the requirements of embedded high-performance computing for industrial time critical environments

Objectives and Approach

CLEOPATRA represents a cluster of applications having in common the introduction of HPC into industrial real-time systems. The high performance computing hardware and software appears as an embedded system rather than a stand-alone marketable product.

A main project deliverable will be a set of procedures to aid the efficient transfer of algorithmic know-how into embedded real-time HPC parallel systems. This will capture the experience gained by the whole consortium and will include the issues involved in third-party hardware and software procurement.

The selected application demonstrators to be developed represent next generation products for well established running business:

The results achieved in the HAMLET (6290) and ARVISA (5225) projects provide the basis for CLEOPATRA.


Joachim Irion
AEG Electrocom GmbH
Max-Stromeyer-Str. 160
D-78467 Konstanz
tel: +49 7531 852483
fax: +49 7531 852484


AEG Electrocom GmbH [D]
Daimler Benz AG [D]
Eurocopter S.A. [F]
Graphikon [D]
Matra Cap Systemes [F]
Odense Steel Shipyard [DK]
Thomson CSF/LER [F]
Associate Partners
APS Mechatronic GmbH [D]
C-Vis GmbH [D]
Deutsche Aerospace AG [D]
Perimos [D]
Universität der Bundeswehr [D]

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CLEOPATRA - 8329, December 1993

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