A Common Formal Model of Cooperating Intelligent Agents


Work Area: Basic Aspects of Multiple Computing Agents

Keywords agent logics, agent-oriented programming, multi-agent systems, semantics

Start Date: to be announced / Status: starting

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Abstract MODELAGE aims to define a common formal model of the concept of "agent", for use in application areas including requirements engineering, software design, concurrency, data bases, artificial intelligence, process modelling and organisation theory. The main characteristics of "agent" considered here are: intention, situation, belief, communication, heterogeneity and social organisation.


The goal of MODELAGE is to define of a common model of "agent". This common model will then be used to define a family of semantically integrated application-specific languages. It will be obtained by successive integration of existing specialised (application-specific or facet-specific) models. Models of communication and concurrency, of belief change, of social organisations and of social norms, will be studied and integrated.


MODELAGE will organise workshops, electronic discussion forums, and meetings to integrate the best partial models of agents and understand the interaction between "facets". Application case studies (software process modelling, industrial control, bureaucratic and commercial procedures modelling and evaluation) will be tackled to evaluate the model. A final report will integrate and present the common model, together with applications.


The common formal model will serve as a basis for developing an integrated family of specification and programming languages for areas such as multi-expert knowledge acquisition, work organisation analysis in companies, multi-robot control systems, etc.

Further information about ModelAge is available from the ModelAge home page <URL:http://www.info.fundp.ac.be/~pys/ModelAge/index.html>.


Facultés Universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix - B
Institut d'Informatique
Rue Grandgagnage 21
B- 5000 Namur


RWTH Aachen - D
Tech. Univ. Braunschweig - D
INRIA Sophia-Antipolis - F
IP-CNR Rome - I
NRCCL Oslo - N
Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam - NL
Utrecht Univ./Vrije Univ. Amsterdam - NL
Univ. de Lisboa - P
Imperial College London - UK
Univ. of Keele - UK


Prof. P-Y. Schobbens
tel +32/81 724990
fax +32/81 724967
e-mail: pys@info.fundp.ac.be

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MODELAGE - 8319, August 1994

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