European Intelligent Actuation and Measurement User Group

EIAMUG - 8244

Keywords intelligent actuators, intelligent transmitters, IATs, IAM, fieldbus, function blocks, standards

Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 24 months

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Objectives and Approach

This is an independent and open forum to develop and promote a European vision for future applications of intelligent actuators and transmitters (IATs) in response to specific user requirements for intelligent actuation and measurement (IAM). The main concepts and results of this work will be shared with key national and international standards committees, particularly those working on fieldbus and function blocks.

Current fieldbus work is mostly focused on communications and message transfer technology. The challenge is to look beyond fieldbus technology and identify what real industrial information should be sent and received by intelligent field devices to optimise all aspects of future plant operations from a user perspective.

Earlier ESPRIT projects such as DIAS (Distributed Intelligent Actuators and Sensors, 2172) and PRIAM (Pre-normative Requirements for Intelligent Actuation and Measurement, 6188) have shown the benefits and needs for standards in applying fieldbus to IATs defined as an integral part of IAM.

EIAMUG will build on this work to generate a representative and systematic position covering a broad European Industry base.

Open working groups will be used to agree and conceptual models, user requirements and examples of devices.

These work areas will be co-ordinated with work in the main fieldbus committees and offered to them, where appropriate, for standardisation. Where necessary, new standards work items will be proposed and supported by the submission of draft material.


Mr Graeme Wood
APAX Computers Ltd
18 Essenden Road
South Croydon
UK - Surrey CR2 OBU
tel: + 44 81 657 27 61
fax: + 44 81 657 95 03


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EIAMUG - 8244, December 1993

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