\ ECU - 8235

Embedded Control Unit

ECU - 8235

Keywords design methods and tools, embedded systems, SPARC, Rate Monotonic Scheduling Microkernel

Start Date: Jan 94 / Duration: 30 months

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The ECU project approaches the OMI from the perspective of the system designer. The project will develop methods and tools to build embedded systems and will demonstrate their use in an industrial control application. ECU will develop tools that allow the system designer to evaluate a complete systems (hardware+software), testing techniques ranging from manufacturing test to on-line diagnostics, and microkernels adapted for the use in embedded real time systems, with special emphasis on support of the design process. Concrete objectives of the ECU project are:

All objectives will be demonstrated in a target industrial system that will be developed within the project. Additionally all tools will be used in the development of the system.

The project builds on results obtain by the OMI in particular the definition of the Pi-Bus which is an important standard to build a modular design and the peripherals cells for I/O and Real-Time support that are being developed in the SMILE project.

The proposed work is centered on the SPARC architecture, but the techniques are applicable to other architectures. ECU will collaborate with the standards projects of the OMI or the debug activities to generalize the methodology and the debug protocols for other architectures.

Although the application of the tools and techniques is not limited by the application sector, the prime target for the results of ECU are system designs in which system engineering is a significant fraction of the overall cost of the system. Therefore results are mainly targeted to the professional electronics sector.

Further information about ECU is available from the ECU home page.


Mr. Juan I. Goicolea
Plaza Marqués de Salamanca 3-4
E-28006 Madrid
tel: + 34/1.3964832
fax: + 34/1.3964841


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ECU - 8235, December 1993

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