Process Industries Manufacturing Advantage through IT

PRIMA - 8234

Keywords process industries, continuous processes, batch processes, standards, user requirements

Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 18 months

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The PRIMA project aims to set up a network of process industries companies in Europe to establish the medium and long term requirements for IT (including standards) of the many industries using continuous or batch processes for manufacturing or for the provision of services. The project will establish a dialogue between these process sectors and the IT vendors and with the relevant European Union R&D programmes. Its output will be a description of how key business requirements for the future can be translated into projects and systems using the mechanisms of Union R&D programmes.

The process industries - chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, petrochemical, food, brewing, electricity and gas generation and distribution, steel water, pulp and paper, cement, etc - are a major part of manufacturing industry. They are mostly low-tech and have benefited far less than the discrete parts sectors from the recent developments in IT. They have often installed less than optimal IT systems because the vendors have not always fully understood the special needs of the process industries.

The project will establish a three-level network. The lowest level, which will include as many as practicable of the many companies in these sectors in Europe, will be consulted by the members of the second level. This second level will consist of twenty or so people who between them cover all sectors and countries. The function of the third level will be network management, technical co-ordination and the establishment of the necessary dialogue with IT vendors and the Commission.

It is expected that the results will include:


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PRIMA - 8234, December 1993

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