An Embedded Solution Using High-Performance Computing for Cost Effective On-Line Real-Time Monitoring of Industrial Processes

ESCORT - 8169

Keywords embedded systems, parallel processing, real-time control

Start Date: not yet known / Duration: 36 months / Status: contract not yet signed

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a hardware/software system to optimise the operation of a steel rolling mill

Objectives and Approach

The proposed application will motivate the development of hardware suitable for use in hard industrial environments. Hardware and software features will allow automatic recovery of the system after a failure. Finally, interfaces will provide direct access between processors and high-speed field buses.

Parallel processing techniques are required to provide the performance and real-time response required to handle the complexity of the chosen application area.

Sensor information will be used for quality control of the product and for predictive maintenance.

This application shares similarities with many critical real-time control applications met in hard industrial conditions.


Enrique Laso
Pza. marques de Salamanca 3,4 -5a
E-28006 Madrid
tel: +34 1 3964911
fax: +34 1 3964841


Ensidesa [E]
Etnoteam [I]
Parsys Ltd [UK]
Universidad de Oviedo [E]

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ESCORT - 8169, December 1993

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