High Performance Parallel Computing for Process Engineering Simulation

HP-PIPES - 8114

Keywords computational fluid dynamics, modelling, simulation

Start Date: not yet known / Duration: 36 months / Status: contract not yet signed

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a core code and modules to model the various chemical and physical phenomena of interest to the process industries

Objectives and Approach

The core code and modules will be used to model a combustion system, for the power generation companies, and a titanium dioxide reactor for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Demonstrators will be tested against problems whose solutions are well known, in order to prove the integrity of the code.

A market survey and cost benefits analysis will be carried out to determine the extent of possible use of the techniques throughout the European process industry.

The direct result of the project will be the ability to model complex reactor and combustion systems quicker and with a close proximity to the actual results obtained in the real world. Various options can be explored in order to make units operate more efficiently, more reliably and with less environmental impact.

Further information about HP-PIPES is available from the HP-PIPES home page <URL:http://www.dl.ac.uk/TCSC/ESPRIT/HP-PIPES.html>.


Mike Smeethe
Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI)
Chilton House
UK-Northwich CW8 4DJ
tel: +44 606 70 4007
fax: +44 606 70 5240


Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) [UK]
Electricidade de Portugal SA (EDP) [P]
Instituto Superior Technico (IST) [P]
Marex Technology BV [NL]
SERC, Daresbury Laboratory [UK]

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HP-PIPES - 8114, December 1993

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