Mini-Environment Standardisation for IC Manufacturing

MESIC - 8084

Keywords standards, IC manufacturing, mini-environment equipment, box handling, wafer transfer, control interfaces

Start Date: 01-Aug-93 / Duration: 18 months

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Objectives and Approach

MESIC provides standards for the integration of mini-environments into IC manufacturing facilities. Starting from the existing standard for opening the bottom of a SMIF box, new standards will be created for:

Among the key activities planned, concepts will be published, questionnaires distributed and workshops scheduled to determine, define and promote a common agreement within the European IC industry. The results will be put into the standardisation tasks. As a final result, the standards will be entered into the SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) standardisation procedure to create a world-wide standard for the IC industry from the concepts that have been previously published and disseminated among the European IC industry.


Dipl Ing Olaf Herzog
Nobelstr. 12
D - 70569 Stuttgart
tel: + 49/ 711-9701293
fax: + 49/ 711-9701007
email: olh


IBM - D - P
ES 2 - F - P
WED - UK - P

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MESIC - 8084, December 1993

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