Special Action for the new German Länder: "Methodology Oriented Design Tools for Heterogeneous Distributed Systems" (Project 6768 Extension)

THEDIS - 7533

Keywords CASE, digital signal processors, distributed control systems, flexible manufacturing systems, Germany, transputers

Start Date: 01 March 1993 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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development environment for distributed, heterogeneous parallel systems to be used in real-time control applications

Objectives and Approach

A solid starting point for this new environment is provided by the EPOS 2000 CASE tool.

The new environment is targeted towards supporting transputer and/or DSP based systems, such as the HEDRA system being developed in project 6768. It will be designed to be able to accommodate new processor designs as they become available.


U. Dietel
GPP Chemnitz -Gesellschaft für Prozeßrechnerprogrammierung mbH
Straßburger Strasse 3
D-09120 Chemnitz
tel: +49 37 15 79 280
fax: +49 37 15 79 196


GPP Chemnitz -Gesellschaft für Prozeßrechnerprogrammierung mbH [D]

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THEDIS - 7533, December 1993

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