Home Systems, Intelligent Metering and Energy Saving

IDEA-TV - 7525

Keywords technology transfer, home systems, energy management, Italy

Start Date: 1-NOV-92 / Duration: 18 months

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The IDEA-TV special action aims to exploit the European Home Systems architecture and to promote an early start-up of domestics automation based on managing electricity consumption. The objectives are to:

The work will be based on existing European and widely accepted industry standards and on the Home Systems Standard defined in the HOME (2431) and IIH (5448) projects, and will be closely coordinated with the related projects CHIMENE (6196), OPENMAN (7061) and IDEM (6092) in the Home Systems area. It will also take into account the new ECSAS (electricity customer service automation system) developed by ENEL in Italy; the pilot installation phase involves some 100000 users in a residential quarter of Rome.


Dr Eng Piergiogio Mirandola
Via A. Volta 1
I - 20093 Cologno Monzese MI
tel: + 39 / 2-7224-5540
fax: + 39 / 2-7224-5525
telex: 310496 ENELMI


ENEL / CRA - I - C

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IDEA-TV - 7525, December 1993

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