Special Action for Parallel Architectures in Italy: "Parallelisation of Large Code"

PALACE - 7519

Keywords Italy, parallel architectures, technology transfer

Start Date: 01 January 1993 / Duration: 24 months / Status: ongoing

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porting an existing large High Energy Physics code with an extensive user base to run effectively on parallel systems

Objectives and Approach

The effective usage of parallel machines in research and industry is limited by the difficulties met by the users both in designing new applications and in porting existing ones. Porting the High Energy Physics GEANT code to a 128-node European machine will provide a realistic test of a set of parallelisation tools created to ease these problems. The experience gained will contribute to the effective exploitation of parallel machines in research and industry.

The project will cover the following activities:


P. Zanella
Via Nazario Sauro 10
I-09123 Cagliari
tel: +39 70 279-6223
fax: +39 70 279-6220


CRS Sardegna [I]
Advanced Computing Systems [I]
Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie l'Energia e l'Ambiente [I]

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PALACE - 7519, December 1993

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