Special Action for Parallel Architectures in Italy: "IT-Uptake in Land Resource Management"

ITU-LAND - 7518

Keywords and-use management, Italy, parallel computing, technology transfer

Start Date: 01 October 1992 / Duration: 24 months / Status: ongoing

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a decision support system for environmental management concerning flood water, land use and waste disposal

Objectives and Approach

Parallel computing techniques will be evaluated as the means of supporting the performance requirements of scenario-building activities. The most cost-effective solution will be identified by comparison with other platforms, e.g. workstations.

A set of tools, already on the market or in research prototypes, will be integrated to provide the final prototype applications. End-user application needs will be the main driving force.

Three different case-studies, based on interactions between mathematical models and descriptive databases, will be used to steer the development of the system:

Application prototype specifications have been completed. A seminar has been organised with potential users in order to explain the potential provided by the results of the project and generate early commercial interest.


Paola Vocca
Algotech srl
Via Appia Nuova 310
I-00183 Roma
tel: +3 6 702-6781
fax: +39 6 702-3607


Algotech srl [I]
Computer Research Laboratory [I]
Universita di Roma -"La Sapienza" [I]
Associate Partners
Associazione Piccole e Medie Imprese [I]
Autorita' di Bacino del Tevere [I]
Insiel [I]
Universita di l'Aquila [I]

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ITU-LAND - 7518, December 1993

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