Special Action in Microelectronics for Italy: Support for the Use of Microelectronics by Italian SMEs

SUMIS - 7517

Keywords technology transfer, ASICs, SMEs, Italy

Start Date: 1-FEB-1993 / Duration: 36 months

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Objectives and Approach

The Special Action for Microelectronics in Italy aims to:

To reach these objectives, the Action draws on the experience and initial results obtained in the ESPRIT II Special Action I-SMILE (5085). The scope of this is now extended in terms of both the number of SMEs that will be trained and assisted in the design and testing of ICs, as well as the spectrum of technologies to be made available through technology transfer actions.

The approach taken consists of:


The Special Action in Microelectronics for Italy is implemented, along similar lines, through two projects: MEPI (7500), focusing on SMEs in central and northern Italy and on the strengthening of Centres of Competence, and SUMIS (7517), addressing the particular needs of SMEs in southern Italy. In the execution of the work, the best use of resources is ensured through coordination and synergy of effort between the two projects, as well as through cooperation with the Italian National Research Council.

A call for demonstrators has been published jointly by MEPI and SUMIS in March 1993. The response (63 proposals for demonstrators presented by pairs SME/University (or Research Centre)) has been quite high, further confirming the importance of microelectronics for industrial innovation in SMEs. The evaluation of the proposals has been completed and contracts for the development of 18 demonstrators are now in the final phase of negotiation.


Dr B. Bonati
Tecnopolis CSATA Novus Ortus
Strada Provinciale per
Casa Massima n.3
I - 70010 Valenzano
tel: + 39 / 80-877-0346
fax: + 39 / 80-695-1868
telex: 810371 TECPOL I



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SUMIS - 7517, December 1993

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