Distribution Management Systems

DMS 2000 - 7515

Keywords distribution management systems, power distribution networks, geographical information systems, SCADA, GPS, technology transfer, Portugal

Start Date: 01-MAR-93 / Duration: 15 months

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The aims and objectives of the work that integrates the DMS2000 project focus on the definition, development and demonstration of the architecture and applications kernel of an integrated system for distribution networks management.

The DMS2000 project covers the first phase of that effort, from needs analysis to specification, prototyping, high level design and detailed design in the different areas involved.

The second phase of the global long-term plan is intended to achieve a totally operational system installed at one of the distribution companies from the Grupo EDP. This plan will be implemented through desegregation into different and co-ordinated subprojects, each one developed by an adequate consortium among the pool of the DMS2000 partners and reinforced with specialised consulting, aiming simultaneously at separate industrial products and their contribution to the overall architecture.

Distribution Management, in the scope of the DMS2000 project, is used in the broad sense of the term, that is, the project focuses the design and integration issues of every system involved, either technical and business domain specific systems or organizational information management platforms. Therefore it not only concerns the company specific activities, such as business, planning, project, works and operation, but also the interactivity processes under a workflow perspective.

The DMS2000 project was organised into seven workpackages dedicated to the following subjects, the Geographical Information System being an important component under an organisational perspective of information management:

The results of the project are of interest especially to the four distribution companies from the Grupo EDP, namely EN, CENEL, LTE and SLE, since it complies with the EDP strategy defined by the SIRED (Integrated System for Distribution Networks Management) framework for the update and integration of the management processes and methodologies, concerning both technical management of infrastructures and business management, including the improvement on the service quality.

Furthermore, it is a fundamental strategic objective of the Grupo EDP to promote the national industry in this area, as well as to contribute to the creation of national resources in the domains of consulting, education, research and development. The DMS2000 project allowed the acquisition of significant know-how and experience.

Further information about DMS2000 is available from the DMS2000 home page <URL:http://gis_server01.edinfor.pt:8080/projectos/dms2000.html>.


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DMS 2000 - 7515, September 1995

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