Plan de Acción CIM para España

PACE - 7510

Keywords production control, production planning, sensors, technology transfer, Spain

Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 9 months

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The main objective of the PACE action is to improve awareness of automation technologies in Spain and to encourage their use by Spanish industry.

This will be achieved by:

The Action will be carried out through a range of activities grouped under four headings:

The aim is to form local nodes with a capacity for demonstrating applications of automation technology. These nodes will be local or sectoral institutions with good industry contacts who are interested in improving the competitiveness of their local or sectoral industries. Demonstration centres for automation technologies will be promoted complementary training activities will be organised, and relevant information will be collated and made available to local organisations.
R&D projects in companies and research groups will be supported, in accordance with their own lines of research, that are complementary to topics presently undertaken in ESPRIT CIME projects. This will allow Spanish companies and research groups to approach the appropriate ESPRIT consortia with results interesting to both parties.
The implementation of demonstrator projects by SMEs based on results from R&D in automation technologies will be supported, and a technological audit of groups of companies by sectors or sub-sectors carried out.
Opening to Europe
The aim is to increase contacts and collaboration with European organisations involved in ESPRIT CIME projects. The mechanisms to be used are the presentation of ESPRIT CIME projects in Spain, secondments of European researchers and technicians in Spanish centres and of their Spanish counterparts in other European centres, and support for R&D projects that preferably include organisations in less developed areas in order to promote their participation in ESPRIT.

The technological areas covered by the Action are:


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PACE - 7510, December 1993

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