Application of Distributed Platforms in Hospital Information Systems

HOSPITAL 2000 - 7509

Keywords technology transfer, health care, medical information systems, hospital information systems, distributed systems, Portugal

Start Date: 01-DEC-92 / Duration: 12 months

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Objectives and Approach

The application of information systems generates the need for integration and openness in any kind of environment. Hospital information systems, in particular, constitute a scenario where many different and heterogeneous information systems have to cooperate, requiring the establishment of reference models and architectures. A reference model has to include distributed data storage and processing, and must be supported by a common infrastructure and by appropriate standards allowing the exchange and sharing on information. Old applications have to be integrated, and new applications, such as medical imaging, should be possible.

The need for a common framework has already been recognised and established in several projects, such as RICHE (2221) in ESPRIT, Telemed in RACE, and NUCLEUS in AIM. At the same time, standardisation bodies are establishing standards in medical informatics (CEN TC251, or EWOS).

The HOSPITAL 2000 Special Action aims to define, develop and demonstrate a fully integrated hospital information system. It constitutes a first phase of a more general initiative which will implement a wide range of integrated IT solutions in several pilot hospitals. These pilot sites will be used as a permanent showcase where health sector professionals can examine a real hospital of the year 2000. These pilot sites will already act as users in this Special Action.

The results of HOSPITAL 2000 will be a reference model and architecture for the use of IT solutions in hospitals, involving physical interconnection, the software architecture and internal message exchange; corresponding standards will be taken into account. An existing patient management application will be extended and prototype applications developed on laboratory management, medical imaging, nurse scheduling, operating-room management, administrative support and medical record visualisation. Advanced IT solutions, such as patient data cards, will be experimented with.

The planned work will be carried out in close cooperation with the corresponding actions in Ireland and Italy (EDITH, 7507 + 7508), and in close coordination with ESPRIT's RICHE (2221) and AIM's NUCLEUS (2025) projects.


Dr Filipe Simôes de Almeida
Av. Rovisco Pais 22
P - 1000 Lisboa
tel: + 351/ 1-847-5657
fax: + 351/ 1-847-8553


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HOSPITAL 2000 - 7509, December 1993

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