Large-Scale Advanced Prototype Software Systems in Targeted Domains

PASO - 7506

Keywords software-intensive systems, technology transfer, Spain

Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 18 months

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Objectives and Approach

The aim of the PASO action is to assist in upgrading the technological base of the relevant Spanish players through:

Areas of targeted application will be identified for the development of prototype large-scale advanced software systems. These will be chosen on the basis of activities of clear economic or social interest where it is evident that advanced IT systems can be applied to sound effect, where the nature of the applications themselves will require the deployment and integration of state of the art technologies developed, and where Spanish enterprises can identify future commercial benefits. Possible targeted domains could include systems for pollution control, construction, local administration, public services management, promotion of national treasures and tourism, and decision support in a range of industrial and economic activities where speed and safety of response is paramount (process industries, traffic control, emergency management, etc).

For each of the targeted domains consortia will be encouraged to bid for the development of large-scale prototype systems. The scale of the prototypes will be such as to offer the opportunity to both demonstrate competence in a visible and conclusive manner and to establish a sound basis for the future development of fully operational, commercial systems. Consortia will typically comprise users together with potential IT suppliers, both industrial and academic.

The PASO action will specifically aim to act as a bridge between currently planned national actions to be carried out under the Plan Electronico e Informatico Nacional (PEIN III) and Union-funded R&D programmes.


Mr Alejandro Moya
BU31 03/37
Rue de la Loi, 200
B - 1040 Bruxelles
tel: + 32/ 2-239-68098
fax: + 32/ 2-239-68364


CDTI - E - C
plus other participants to be

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PASO - 7506, December 1993

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