Special Action in Microelectronics for Portugal: Advanced Interconnection Technology for Electronics

AIPAC - 7502

Keywords technology transfer, ASICs, SMEs, Portugal

Start Date: 01-MAR-93 / Duration: 14 months

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Objectives and Approach

The AICI Action was launched at the end of 1990. AIPAC is a complementary action which specifically aims to:

The activities planned include the selection and acquisition of the necessary know-how, setting up the relevant facilities, arranging awareness activities, seminars, workshops, etc, to attract, motivate and train industry workers, and providing a number of industrial demonstrators to prove the capabilities of the packaging and interconnection technologies.

Progress and Results

The register of SMEs whose activities could benefit from AIPAC is almost complete. Technologies to be used in this phase of the project have been identified. Due to the available expertise and to the expected needs of the Portuguese electronics industry, priority has been given to Chip-on-Board, using wire-bonding over conventional PCBs. In a second phase some experiments with flip-chipping are planned.

Equipment to promote technical demonstrations of the technology is partially installed and it is possible to start-up the production of prototypes and very small series of COB boards, as well as training activities. Co-operation with some SMEs has already started and identification of good demonstrators is going on.

Links with ESPRIT project LOCOP (8374) are planned, and good co-operation has already been established with the QUICKCHIPS project (5047) and the EUROCHIP VLSI Design Training Action (3700/6573).


Prof Guilherme Silva Arroz
Rua Alves Redol 9
P - 1017 Lisboa Codex
tel: + 351 / 1-310 00 00
fax: + 351 / 1-525 843
telex: 15696 INESC P
email: gsa@eniac.inesc.pt


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AIPAC - 7502, December 1993

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