Special Action in Microelectronics for Spain: Grupo Activador de la Microelectronica en España - Segunda Fase

GAME-II - 7501

Keywords technology transfer, ASICs, integrated sensors, FPGA devices, SMEs, Spain

Start Date: 1-NOV-92 / Duration: 18 months

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Objectives and Approach

The first phase of the Special Action for Microelectronics in Spain (GAME), launched in September 1990, has already involved more than 60 Spanish organisations, including 38 who were introduced to microelectronics for the first time.

The objectives of the second phase are to further increase the number of companies participating and to develop trans-national co-operative links for those already involved. This latter objective will bring a new aspect to the Action through:

These measures are designed to increase the ability of Spanish organisations to cooperate and contribute to Community R&D activities, to draw on existing European results and resources, and to acquire the know-how to enter into co-operative commercial agreements with European partners.

To achieve these objectives three lines of action will be followed:

Progress and Results

Some 37 new project proposals have been received in the 10 months since the second phase of the Special Action began. Of these, 18 proposals have been successful in the evaluation process and have already started their work.


Dr José Ramón García Martínez
GAME Secretariat
Marqués de Urquijo, 26-1º Izq
E - 28008 Madrid
tel: + 34 / 1-542-01 86
fax: + 34 / 1-559-36 74


with over 40 companies

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GAME-II - 7501, December 1993

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