Prototyping of CIM Models

CIM-DEV - 7401

Work Area: Models and Theory for CIM

Keywords CIM models, prototyping, concurrent engineering

Start Date: 1 September 92 / Duration: 36 months / Status: running

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Abstract CIM-DEV is concerned with the prototyping of models of CIM systems using advanced information technology tools. Particular emphasis is placed on the modelling of Concurrent Engineering approaches to meet customer needs. Several areas of modelling interest, such as Life Cycle Modelling, Experience Reuse, Assembly Automation are being pursued. These are united under the concept of Design Coordination, providing an umbrella theme for future discussions and developments.


The CIM-DEV working group takes the form of a special interest group (SIG) of eleven members, drawn from European universities and research institutes. This working group is focused on the prototyping of CIM systems. The SIG will work closely with a second working group (7400, CIM-MOD) concerned with the modelling of CIM systems, led by Professor Hans Wortmann of Eindhoven University of Technology. The target of CIM-DEV, to be pursued through the establishment of new research contacts, leading to new directions in research, is the development of a Concurrent Engineering framework between the relevant functions and business processes.


The deliverables from the work will be a set of papers defining the possibilities for prototyping models to support the development of advanced CIM systems and, where possible, the development of these models. The models developed will be described in the following terms: (a) subject of the model; (b) the relevance of the model to advanced CIM systems; (c) the design choices which the model is designed to help analyse; (d) the performance indicators which are used in the model to evaluate the design choices; (e) the input data required by the model; (f) the output generated by the model; (g) the modelling framework (methodology tools) used; and (h) the software platform or platforms for the model. The models prototyped will focus on concurrent engineering in the ex- tended enterprise and the integration of engineering, customer order acceptance and factory scheduling.

Progress and Results

Meetings have been held in parallel with the CIM-MOD Working Group, with coordination of the overall coverage and direction of the two Working Groups' discussions and research activities. Progress and results to date reflect the dual nature of the two working groups, with each covering complimentary research axes. The axis covered by CIM-DEV is that of Concurrent Engineering, while that of CIM-MOD is World Class Manufacturing. The major theme of the CIM-DEV discussions has emerged as Design Coordination for Concurrent Engineering. A definition of Design Coordination has been adopted as "a high level concept of the planning, scheduling, representation, decision making and control of the product development with respect to time, tasks, resources and design aspects". This is being used as a unifying concept for several research areas, each examining different aspects of this central theme. These areas are seen by the CIM-DEV group as central to successful implementation of Concurrent Engineering. These different areas are:

In collaboration with CIM-MOD joint proposals covering the above areas within the two axes of research have been submitted to the CEC for consideration. These axes will be further pursued through future joint workshops, where the findings in individual areas will be presented, with regard to the aims and activities stated above.


Through the joint activities of CIM-DEV and CIM-MOD, and in view of the inherently broad and long-term perspective of the working groups' activities, the following objectives are stated:

Latest Publications

Information Dissemination Activies

The working group is currently preparing a number of papers on relevant topics, which will first be presented to the joint meeting of CIM-DEV and CIM-MOD working groups, to be published either separately or in book- let form in the next year. Other dissemination activities proposed are the holding of a conference and the publication of the proceedings in book form within the duration of the project.


Univeristy College Galway - IRL
CIM Research Unit


Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - B
Frauenhofer Institüt - D
Danmarks Tecniske Hojskole - DK
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid - E
University College Cork - IRL
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - NL
KTH Stockholm - S
University of Strathclyde - UK


Prof. J. Browne or Owen Molloy
tel +353/91 50381
fax +353/91 62894

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CIM-DEV - 7401, August 1994

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