Modular Distributed Enterprise-Wide Communication System

MOPS - 7272

Keywords MANs, multimedia communications systems

Start Date: 01-JUN-92 / Duration: 36 months

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The MOPS project focuses on the development of an advanced communication system for the customer premises market capable of providing flexible access to a wide range of services. A demonstrator of a Modular Private Communication System (MOPS) will be implemented consisting of autonomous switching nodes that can either operate in stand-alone mode or be connected by a DQDB high-speed network operating at 155 Mbit/s. The subsystems will offer access to narrow band-ISDN, LANs, data terminals and the new broadband services. Results from ESPRIT II projects such as DAMS-2 (2146) and MAX/MAXI (2100/5193) will be extended and adapted. The system will support isochronous and non-isochronous transfer modes. Important issues of aspects of call control and system management will also be addressed. The demonstrator will be built of at least three nodes, interconnected by a DQDB backbone network.


Dr Ing Klaus Sauer
Telenorma GmbH
Kleyerstr. PO Box 102160
D - 6000 Frankfurt
tel: + 49 / 69-266-3857
fax: + 49 / 69-266-3315
telex: 41413217


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MOPS - 7272, December 1993

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