General-Purpose MIMD Machines II

GP MIMD II - 7255

Keywords parallel architectures, parallel programming

Start Date: 01 March 1993 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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demonstration of the feasibility of using a European scalable parallel supercomputer in two different production environments, for both local and remote users

Objectives and Approach

Two CS-2 systems will be installed at CERN and CERFACS. They will be used by a large number of users from the High Energy Physics community as well as from a number of European weather and climate centres both for scientific code development and for installation of production codes.

The focus of the activities at CERN will be the porting of large scalar programs to the CS-2, the development of new scientific applications, requiring high performance computing and input/output, and the migration of current applications to a Oracle CS-2 system. CERFACS activities wil focus on climate and meteorological modelling, that currently runs on traditional supercomputers, and migrating them to a vector based CS-2.

As part of the user support activities of system suppliers, important system software components will be provided for testing and integration within the environment. These components include a checkpointing system, an automated task scheduling system, a hierarchical storage management system, the OSF Distributed Computing Environment and network performance analysis tools.

Further information about GPMIMD2 is available from the GPMIMD2 home page <URL:>.


Fabrizio Gagliardi
CN Division
tel: +33 50 40 66 58
+41 22 767 2374
fax: +33 50 40 12 44
+41 22 767 8950


Cerfacs [F]
Meiko [UK]
Parsys [UK]
Telmat [F]
Associate Partners

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GP MIMD II - 7255, December 1993

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