Data Fusion for Environmental Monitoring System

AZZURRO - 7207

Keywords data fusion, environmental monitoring, multisensor systems, Multispectral Scanner, Time Resolved LIDAR, water pollution

Start Date: 01 October 1992 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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an airborne data fusion system for the environmental monitoring of coastal waters

Objectives and Approach

The chosen application is the description of coastal waters with the aim of detecting anomalous situations caused by pollution and analysing the natural characteristics of the water column.

This requires the development of advanced data fusion techniques able to handle numerical and symbolic data.

A clear picture of the application has been outlined and the test site for the measurement/experimental campaign defined. Specification of all the processing steps have been started in conjunction with the definition of the Man Machine Interaction system which will help the operator during the data processing and in the final phase of the data presentation. Investigations have been performed in order to identify the data fusion methods directly usable in the application.

As well as being able to supply thematic maps describing sea water quality, the consortium will be able to provide a service to perform experimental monitoring campaigns.


Susanna Ghelfo
Agusta Omi
Via Isonzo 33
I-21049 Tradate
tel: +39 331 815-243
fax: +39 331 810-781


Agusta Omi [I]
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven [B]
Onera [F]
Steria [F]

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AZZURRO - 7207, December 1993

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