Calculi and Algebras of Concurrency: Extensions, Tools and Applications

CONCUR 2 - 7166

Work Area: Theories for Concurrency and Real Time: Specification and Verification

Keywords concurrency, process calculus, CCS, CSP, ACP

Start Date: 1 September 92 / Duration: 36 months / Status: running

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Abstract Concurrency theory is important for the specification and verification of concurrent and distributed systems. CONCUR 2 will extend process algebra and logical calculi to incorporate real-time aspects, probabilistic non-determinism, value passing and infinite state spaces. CONCUR 2 aims for a unified view on process algebra, and will design, specify and implement supporting software tools, and common formats and interfaces for such tools. The project is a continuation of CONCUR 1 (3006).


The objectives of CONCUR 2 are to:

Approach and Methods

The project should deliver both a significant extension of theory and notation of process algebras and related calculi, exemplified by a substantial range of case studies, as well as some de facto software standards concerning tool design and tool interfacing. To this end, three lines of research will be pursued:

Progress and Results

The project is making good progress in all areas of its workplan. Extensions of process algebras and logical calculi that incorporate real-time aspects, probabilistic non-determinism, value passing, message passing, and infinite state spaces are further developed.

In order to unify different approaches, there is new work on the general theory of SOS-semantics, and its connection to axiomatisations; also, new work on general process algebra (especially in the real-time area) that has a wide range of tailor-made subcalculi.

A first version of the CONCUR2 toolset is available. Through a fixed exchange format based on transition systems, a wide range of tools supporting the design, specification and verification of concurrent and distributed systems can work together. Updates and extensions of the different tools are also achieved.


The strength of the consortium derives from its combination of the largest academic teams working on process algebra, as well as on the fact that all the partners have long-standing experience in tool design for process algebra. In addition, each partner has access to industrial groups who can suggest or evaluate realistic case-studies. The partners share the ambition to see process algebra and calculi becoming a realistic tool for industrial system designers within the next five years.

Latest Publications

Information Dissemination Activies

All CONCUR2 partners publish widely in international journals and conference proceedings. Notably, the series of CONCUR conferences should be mentioned. The Fourth international conference on concurrency theory (CONCUR'93) was held in August 23-26, 1993 in Hildesheim, Germany. A one-day Workshop on Process Algebra and Performance Modelling was held in Edinburgh on May 21, 1993.

Further information about CONCUR is available from the CONCUR home page <URL:>.


Technische Universiteit Eindhoven - NL
Dept. Mathematics and Computing Science
Postbus 513


lborg Universitet - DK
University of Edinburgh - UK
University of Sussex - UK
University of Oxford - UK

Associate Partners

Chalmers University of Technology - S
Sharp Laboratories of Europe - UK


Prof. Dr. J.C.M. Baeten
tel +31/40 47 4124
fax +31/40 46 3922

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CONCUR 2 - 7166, August 1994

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