Articulatory-Acoustic Correlations in Coarticulatory Processes: a Cross-Language Investigation

ACCOR II - 7098

Work Area: Speech and Natural Language

Keywords coarticulation, articulatory-acoustic correlations

Start Date: 1 July 92 / Duration: 36 months / Status: running

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Abstract ACCOR II is studying of articulatory-acoustic correlations in coarticulatory processes in seven European languages. Topics include modelling coarticulatory behaviour, lingual coarticulation in continuous speech, inter-articulatory timing, lingual control parameters, and nonlinearities in articulatory-acoustic relations. The work builds on the results of ACCOR (3279).


The ACCOR working group aims to model articulatory-acoustic relationships in coarticulatory processes in seven European languages with a view to identifying which aspects of coarticulation are language-universal and which are language-specific. Methodological innovations include the combined use of electropalatography (EPG) and electromagnetic articulography (EMA) for parametricising tongue movements.

Use will be made of the EUR-ACCOR database, recorded during ACCOR I which is a major source of articulatory, aerodynamic and acoustic data on seven European languages.


The Group's work is organised under seven themes: modelling coarticulatory processes in different languages; lingual coarticulation in continuous speech; interarticulatory timing (co-ordination and acoustic consequences); lingual control parameters (including combined uses of EPG and EMA); database management system; use of articulatory features in speech technology; articulatory-acoustic relations.

The Group organised a workshop and on "Electromagnetic Articulography in Phonetic Research" at the University of Münich in April 1993. The second workshop is planned for December 1993 at Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona, on "Tongue Modelling and Data on Speech Production". In addition the Group has held internal meetings and participated in workshops involving other ESPRIT speech science consortia (especially 6398, VOX and 6819, SAM A). A link has been established between the Human Capital and Mobility Network "From Articulation to Perception: Representations in Speech and Hearing" and ACCOR II. Progress reports have been delivered at relevant major conferences and published in referred journals.


In devising improved models of coarticulation, which is the principal source of variability in the speech signal, the Group will provide important input for improved speech recognition and synthesis systems.

Latest Publications

Information Dissemination Activies

The progress of the work has been presented at major international conferences on speech science and technology, including the Acoustical Society of America, International Congress on Speech and Language Processing, Banff 1992, Australian Speech Science and Technology Conference, 1992.

Articles have been published in journals including Language and Speech, Journal of Phonetics, Phonetica, Speech Communication. A contract has been obtained from CUP for a book on Coarticulation edited by W. Hardcastle and containing contributions from all members of the consortium. Some of the results of the project will appear in Handbook of Phonetic Sciences (eds. W. Hardcastle and J. Laver), currently under preparation. A major bibliography on EPG has been published in University of Reading Phonetics Laboratory Work in Progress and Reports and distributed to members of the group. Dissemination of information between members of the consortium continue to be facilitated by the following measures: e-m and FAX between all partners, preparation and exchange of relevant bibliographies, regular meetings of the group, exchange of Research Assistants, dissemination of the ACCOR database.


Queen Margaret College
Department Speech Pathology and Therapy - UK
Sherwood Terrace


University of Genova - CH
Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München - D
Siemens AG - D
Institut d'Estudis Catalans - E
CNRS-URA 261 - Institut de Phonétique - F
Centro di Studio per le Richerche di Fonetica del CNR - I
Trinity College Dublin - IRL
University of Stockholm - S


Prof. W. Hardcastle
tel +44/31 317 3680
fax +44/31 317 3256

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ACCOR II - 7098, August 1994

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