Parallel Software: Hardware Applications

PASHA - 7074

Keywords computational fluid dynamics, MIMD architectures, parallel computing, SIMD architectures

Start Date: 01 September 1992 / Duration: 24 months / Status: ongoing

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evaluation of porting an existing computational fluid dynamics and associated visualisation code to European made MIMD and SIMD platforms

Objectives and Approach

During the first year, both PHOENICS (CFD program) and CFView (visualisation program) have been ported to a MIMD and a SIMD machine. This will enable a comparison between the two ports to be made. The effectiveness of the MIMD implementation will be evaluated on two full industrial test cases in a link to the EUROPORT-1 project (8421).

The key features of the chosen platforms are:


Brian Spalding
Concentration Heat & Momentum Ltd
40, High Street
Wimbledon Village
UK-London SW19 5AU
tel: +44 81 947-7651
fax: +44 81 879-3497


Concentration Heat & Momentum Ltd [UK]
Cambridge Parallel Processing Ltd [UK]
Numerical Mechanics Application International [B]
Parsytec GmbH [D]
Vrije Universiteit Brussel [B]

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PASHA - 7074, December 1993

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