Optimal Energy Management Configurable System

OPENMAN - 7061

Keywords home systems, energy management, electricity supply industry

Start Date: 01-JUL-92 / Duration: 36 months

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OPENMAN aims to develop a system to help utility companies plan the use of electricity for their domestic consumers within parameters designed to reduce overall consumption, especially at peak periods. The consortium believes that energy management will provide one of the important lead services attracting consumers to take up home systems.

It is intended to develop a system that envisions the Client Service from the instance the client comes to the utility to establish the supply contract characteristics, until the moment that energy consumption control and optimisation physically take place in his home.

For the customer, it offers on one side, a standard controller with different applications, and on the other side, a satisfactory comfort - convenience - economy tradeoff, processing the customer's comfort requirements, lifestyle and habits, and the home configuration.

For the electricity company, it offers both an enhanced servicing and the optimisation of the electric power supply system (in the long term) by applying a more selective control of the system's peaks.

For the manufacturer, it offers a competitive advantage through the product standardisation, increasing and pushing Home Systems market.

The main objective of the OPENMAN project is the Optimisation and Energy Management in the home, with different results:

Progress and Results

The project began with the analysis of basic models of consumer energy usage, evaluating consumption estimation for different appliances, home types and clients. After this first study, the development of two subsystems is being carried out:

The last phase of the project includes some test sites to be performed in both Spain and France, in order to contrast the real functioning of the system, and to validate the results.


The industrialisation of the marketing and product activities is assured by the participation in the consortium of partners who are manufacturers and software companies on one side, and utilities interested in the expansion of energy management systems on the other side.


Mr Francisco Prefaci Cruz
12, Isabel la Catolica
E - 46004 Valencia
tel: + 34 / 6-351-0722
fax: + 34 / 6-351-4775


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OPENMAN - 7061, December 1993

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