Performance Evaluation of Parallel Systems

PEPS - 6952

Keywords characterisation, modelling, monitoring, parallel systems evaluation

Start Date: 01 November 1992 / Duration: 36 months / Status: ongoing

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compiling techniques and tools for the performance evaluation of parallel systems.

Objectives and Approach

Techniques will be developed for:

Measurement and visualisation tools adapted to various parallel architectures.
Reusable system modelling techniques based on existing performance evaluation tools and techniques to increase their power to allow efficient solution of models of complex systems.
architecture characterisation
Techniques that provide detailed information on key systems issues and components which significantly affect performance.
application characterisation
Analysis of key application characteristics which determine parallel system performance.

The exploitation of the integration of these three tools will be proven on a set of test cases taken from large existing applications. This integrated approach will enable a much better understanding of the complex interaction between a parallel architecture and application for a variety of application codes than has previously been possible.


Jean-Louis Giordana
Thomson Sintra ASM
525 route des Dolines
F-06561 Valbonne Cedex
tel: +33 9296-4864
fax: +33 9296-3984
telex: THOMSI X 470 111 F


Thomson Sintra ASM [F]
Intecs Sistemi SPS [I]
National Physical Laboratory [UK]
Simulog SA [F]
University of Warwick [UK]

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PEPS - 6952, December 1993

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