Quantum Optics for Information Technology

QUINTEC - 6934

Work Area: Novel Concepts and New Materials for Optical Devices / All-Optical Computing

Keywords quantum optics, quantum noise, squeezing

Start Date: 28 May 92 / Duration: 36 months / Status: running

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Abstract QUINTEC addresses the problems of implementing noise-free light sources, the design of noiseless couplers and amplifiers for more efficient networks, and the search for new concepts of quantum encoding. The work builds on the results of NOROS (3186).


This project proposes to implement quantum optical techniques for controlling the noise in optical IT, and, beyond this, to explore new concepts which take full advantage of the quantum nature of light.

Approach and Methods

The consortium involves seven partners who represent both academic and corporate research. They bring their skills together to examine three kinds of issues relevant to IT:

Progress and Results

Significant results have been obtained in the first year of the project. The emission of squeezed light from second harmonic monolithic resonators can now be stabilised with significant levels of squeezing. Spatial features of squeezing appears to be an new interesting field, worthwhile of experimental investigation, which would lead to noise reduction in images. A high gain noiseless parametric amplifier and a quantum optical tap have been implemented. High efficiency detectors have been designed and used to demonstrate the possibility of quantum communication on long distances.


Applications of these concepts are expected to lead to: light sources with lower quantum noise; leading to lower BER (bit error rate) in communications; the implementation of noiseless optical buses for information networks, and to the development of quantum encoding.

Latest Publications


Université Pierre et Marie Curie-CNRS - F
Laboratoire de Spectroscopie Hertzienne
B.P. 74
4 Place Jussieu
F - 75252 PARIS CEDEX 05


Universität Konstanz - D
Defense Research Agency-RSRE - UK
British Telecommunications plc - UK


Dr. E. Giacobino
tel +33/1 44 27 43 95
fax +33/1 44 27 38 45

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QUINTEC - 6934, August 1994

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