Algorithms, Models, User and Service Interfaces for Geography

AMUSING - 6881

Work Area: Databases, Information Retrival and Multimedia

Keywords spatial data, geographic information systems

Start Date: 1 November 92 / Duration: 36 months / Status: running

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Abstract AMUSING is studying the main problems in spatial data management and aims to define and verify, both at the theoretical and experimental level, techniques and methodologies for designing, modelling, accessing and effectively using large amounts of geographical data. This project builds on the results of the BASIC GOODS (3191) working group.


The general objective of the project is to define the main features and principles of a next-generation architecture for geographical information system (GIS) applications. The main aims are to:

Approach and Methods

The approach will be to:

The results obtained will be assessed in a prototyping and case study activity involving case studies conducted in cooperation with end-users in real-life applications.


Results from the project will provide better theoretical foundations and more validated practical basis for the implementation in commercial GIS of the advanced functionalities increasingly required.


Università degli studi di Roma La Sapienza - I
Dip. di Informatica e Sistemistica
via Salaria 113
I - 00198 ROMA


Technische Universität Wien - A
ETH Zürich - CH
Fern Universität Hagen - D
Universität Freibourg - D
Institut Géographique National - F
National Technical University of Athens - GR
Algotech srl - I
Università dell Aquila - I


Prof. M. Talamo
tel +39/6 855 8556
fax +39/6 844 2383

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AMUSING - 6881, August 1994

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